The Kitty in Meadow, the Piggy in the Forest

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The Kitty scurried over the meadow, the wind at her tail, the sun on her Kitty whiskers gleaming.  When the dark crept, so did she with the serpents of the grass and her tiny beetle friends.  The hoo, hoo, hoo – hoot owl paralyzed her nightly.

Tammy and I

Tammy and I

The Piggy waddled through the forest, sniffing at tree roots and lying under the ferns to rest in the heat of the day.  When the shadows descended, he whispered his oinks into the damp forest floor and got bits of earth stuck in his snout.

The Kitty and the Piggy trolled their domains foraging and crying for many months, perhaps years.  No one knows.  The sun rose as did the moon.  The winds blew and abated.  The rains poured and they were sad and sick, hiding in their burrows made of leaves and twigs.


The Kitty came to the edge of the meadow and she marveled at the wall of trees and green, leafy plants.  Some had berries. Others had none.  She sniffed the air and raised her gaze to the tree tops.  Then she peered into the gloom, squinting.  She licked her self clean, napped and returned to the meadow.

The Piggy came to the edge of the forest and the sun glared angrily.  The wind carried not the susurrations of gentle avian melodies, but a wild lament that sent him darting back into the forest.  He found one of his many fern groves and lied down his weary self.


Many moons passed before the Kitty or the Piggy reached the ends of their world’s once more.  The Kitty stood peering, her tail raised high.  The Piggy suspiciously surveyed, scuffing the earth, marking his territory.

A  mockingbird screamed and dove from a nearby perch.  Just before a hasty retreat into the forest, Piggy’s eye caught the mocking bird’s target.  Terror failed to turn his attentions from this strange and beautiful creature.  A discarded pine cone came hurdling through the branches and bounced off Piggy’s back.  He let out a wailing squeal and leapt into the meadow.  He shot Squirrely a baleful look.  The mocking bird returned to its perch.

Kitty and Piggy saw each other and they were shy for a long spell.  What followed was a joyful squall of licking and sniffing – oinking and meowing!  Mocking bird and Squirrely were happy witnesses.

Do you think this story is fact or fiction?  Please share in comments.

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26 comments about "The Kitty in Meadow, the Piggy in the Forest"

  1. What a fun read. We just never know what to expect from you!

    Have a squiggely, piggely, kitty-kat-kind of day!
    Dale recently posted..It’s Soup Time!My Profile

    • Thanks Dale! If I become predictable, then the end must be near and hopefully no one wants that. Have a gravy train Monday!

  2. I sure hope you’re writing children’s picture books – because your mind is too much fun not to be doing so. What a fun foraging tromp!
    Barbara recently posted..They’re here!My Profile

    • Barbara!! Those are such kind words. Thank you. I had never considered such a venture. I was just thinking kitties and piggies are super cute together and that people might believe that this is how Tammy and I met. Have a fuzzy day!!!

  3. I have no idea if this story is true or false.. maybe the names were changed to protect the innocent but.. reading that last paragraph.. I can’t help but wonder if ‘licking and sniffing – oinking and meowing’ is another kind of metaphor…
    jamie flexman recently posted..You’re Already Dead! – The Ultimate Guide To Kicking Death’s AssMy Profile

    • Jamie!!! Thanks for the comment panini! These are actual kitties and piggies and the last paragraph can only be guessed at. Only the mockingbird and squirrelie know for sure what happened at the edge of the meadow and the forest, Jamie.

      Have a wacky one!!!

  4. I’ve been pondering the question all day, CJ, since reading your post at 6:00 a.m. I’m afraid the caption on your photo–which I only just noticed 11 hours later–gave it away! Why was there no mention of Piggy having a walking stick? This story needs to be made into a movie — animated in the fashion of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. And maybe shown in one of those 4-D or 5-D theaters, where you could feel the wind and have pinecones thrown at the viewers. Do they even have those theaters here in the States? I was in one in Legoland in Germany years ago — it snowed on us, but the snow stained my white T-shirt. :-(
    Martha Brettschneider recently posted..What the F-Bomb Taught Me About Presence PowerMy Profile

    • Martha!!! Thanks for the comment. How clever for the Piggy to have a walking stick! I think the Fantastic Mr. Fox ought to join the Kitty and the Piggy in a series of some sort and the pine cones pegging viewers is a velvet touch. It would be grand yet terrifying to turn any of my thoughts into a movie.

      How queer that snow would stain a white t-shirt. Have a barking mad Tuesday!!

  5. I love your silliness, CJ, and your ability to write a fun story that can draw you in. I thought you were going to land a poignant message that we should venture out and explore the unknown and not let fear or the familiar hold us back…

    Maybe that is what you were doing! Ahhh, you subtle creature!
    Ree Klein recently posted..Why a Marriage Manifesto is Better than a Prenuptial AgreementMy Profile

    • Ree!! Thanks so much for commenting and for such nice remarks. But you give me far too much credit. It simply depicts a pleasant, yet significant, afternoon in Upstate, NY circa November 1997.

      Have a howling Tuesday!

  6. So fun. I was literally replying to Tammy’s comment today saying you guys write some of the most unique and interesting content on the internet. Point proven yet again :)
    Kevin Cole recently posted..On Growing Pains, Evolution & Starting Before Your ReadyMy Profile

    • Kevin!!! You are far too kind to say so. We know that we are simply barking mad, but I suppose it can be interesting at times. Have a marvy one!

  7. I agree with Barbara–I think a children’s book may be in the cards for you, CJ. Although personally, in children’s stories, I prefer when the animals have cute yet dignified names like “Archibald” and “Yvette” instead of just “Fox” and “Pony” and their ilk. Just something to chew on, if the kids’ book bug bites you!
    Joy @ Joyfully Green recently posted..Embracing the In-Between SeasonMy Profile

    • You and Barbara are so lovely for your encouragements, but I should not be allowed even a soupcon of influence over any children through my writing. Archibald and Yvette, though charming, grew up with luxuries that Piggy and Kitty will never know.

      I wish I could behave myself for more than a few sentences, but a book is far beyond my slack discipline. Have a pickle pop Thursday!!!

      • I disagree with you CJ and totally agree with Barbara and Joy. I KNOW you can write a book – you have already!

        As for worrying about having a soupçon of influence on children… please, you must certainly know Lemony Snicket – he definitely was not worried one iota!
        Dale recently posted..I’m So Excited!My Profile

        • Thanks Dale! As long as I can be naughty most of the time, it is something to consider. My young students tell me that Lemony is a real devil!

      • Don’t sell yourself short, CJ–you did indeed write a book, and a very good one at that! But you do have quite the saucy streak, so I guess I understand your hesitation about writing books for the ankle-biters. And how right you are–Archibald and Yvette are a little too hoity-toity for names, aren’t they? Pretend I said Louie and Sally.
        Joy @ Joyfully Green recently posted..Embracing the In-Between SeasonMy Profile

        • Oh, I am just saying silly things about names. I know nothing about Yvette and Archibald and their long pasts. Ha! I like the term ” saucy streak”. I suppose that if I can make it through several hours a night of guitar lessons with mainly young people without getting myself in the Chronicle, I can write a nice children’s book just north of sinister.

  8. As I read this, I was transported to another world, one of sunny, rolling meadows and deep dark forests. Your writing is truly brilliant CJ! Is this the story of how you and Tammy first met? How you walked your own earths before, almost meeting at one time but it wasn’t until later that you finally met and fell in love?!
    Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt recently posted..Beauty is in the eye of the debt holderMy Profile

    • Hayley!!! Tanks for the comment casserole. Brilliant!!!??? Hayley, you mustn’t.

      I could tell you that it is indeed the true story of how we met, but do not take my word for it. Ask Squirrelie and the mockingbird, for only they can tell.

      We actually met and were friends for a good spell before falling in love, so this story is so full of metaphor and complete malarkey that no one can sort it all out.

      Have a meandering Thursday!!!

  9. What a fun tale of wonderfulness :)

    However: “Kitty and Piggy saw each other and they were shy for a long spell. What followed was a joyful squall of licking and sniffing – oinking and meowing!” – Too Much Information :)

    Now I just have to figure out who the piggy is and who the kitty is!!

    Take care both of you and thanks for the creative and fun read! All the best.

    lyle @ the Joy of Simple recently posted..53 Going On 13 And A Special Birthday Present :) My Profile

    • Lyle!!! Thanks for laying one down over here and for the kind words! I know, I know, but a little risque banter won’t hurt anyone – I hope. I think we all know who the Piggy is and always will be.

      What fun to have your clever comment, Lyle!!! Have a juicy one!

  10. I can’t tell if this is more fun or a philosophical argument. It’s fun in the sense that the story is about a kitty and a pig. It hits me in an amusing way. It’s also philosophical because you ask if it’s fact or fiction. The story could be true in the sense that it could happen on some level, but it could also be fiction because you probably came up with it in your head. Hmm, my brain is starting to hurt so perhaps I’ll wrap this comment up.

    Are the kitty and the pig an allegory for the both of you – CJ and Tammy? That’s just a stab in the dark. If I’m right, I’ll be happy. Although I think I’m probably wrong and I’m reading too much into it.
    Steve recently posted..3 Ways to Hack Your Mind for Powerful MotivationMy Profile

    • Steve!!! It is your freakin’ day! You are happy, the happiest mofo that ever walked the earth because right you are! I am the Piggy and Tammy is the Kitty. Sorry I teased you so, Lyle!

      Having those bits of earth in my snout was a real bitch too. My talk on the back of a cereal box, smile on a dog, is indeed a foray into philosophical spheres. What a disaster, no?

      Such fun though, so who the eff cares?

      Have a super fun weekend, Steve!!!

  11. Kitty and piggy, CJ and Tammy, Jacob and Vanessa, it’s all a glorious intermingling of love! You are one wily coyote Mr. Hoombah
    Jacob @ Cash Cow Couple recently posted..Republic Wireless Review – Does the $10/month Unlimited Plan Work?My Profile

    • Jacob!!! Thanks for commenting and for the highest of compliments! Wily Coyote was one heck of a guy – or a coyote. Hoping you and Vanessa are well!

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