One of the best things about the internet, if you are a submissive male, is the ability to have all your femdom fantasies fulfilled whenever you want. There are no shortage of videos and pictures to cover any and all types of fantasy involving powerful women and superior females. Whatever your dreams of submission might be, it is guaranteed that there is something on the internet that “scratches the itch”.

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This is all well and good up to a certain point but there really is no substitute for a live 1 to 1 session with a real life dominant female who you can talk to for hours on end about your fantasies and desires and how you can serve the superior sex and how to be a better slave. This is where the BDSM cams come in handy for novices as well as seasoned players to the scene.

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You can find literally dozens of dominant women who all love to sit and talk to slaves and subs about all the things that are involved in bdsm and female domination. For inexperienced guys, it is a great way to explore the vast world of S and M. They can tell a live dominatrix what they like and what interests them and she, in turn, can suggest new things that can be tried and which interest you.

There is always something that you have not heard of and for the most part, an experienced Domme will give you new things to try that you will like. Even if it is something you have stumbled across and cannot fathom out what it involves and what the attraction is, the online Mistress will be more than able to explain it to you and tell you what is needed and what the idea behind it is. For example, lots of people can not understand the attraction of financial domination and cannot get their head around why someone would get off on being left penniless.

A professional findom Mistress though can tell you that a pay pig gets off on knowing she is spending his money while he is left with none and has to work harder to earn more money. This is just one example of many though.

Anything you are unsure of as an inexperienced sub and are unclear about how to act and behave, you need not to worry. All the dominatrix’s online will be more than keen to alleviate your concerns and put you at ease about any misgivings you may have. All of our live bdsm cams have high definition cameras as well as audio or phone chat You can also check out our live cam2cam shows if you can show your webcam then be sure to let the Mistress Know this before your cam show begins

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For experienced submissive males, live BDSM chat is also great for you because you can have access to women who are as experienced as you are and can spend time talking about what you like and what turns you on. Lots of guys do not necessarily want to do any physical domination stuff but instead want to just talk about it, for example, the use of chastity and femdom keyholding.
For lots of guys, being locked in a chastity and not allowed to orgasm for months at a time is a great thought and their main fantasy but they could not handle the actual reality of it. They get off on the thought and the fantasy but need to cum as it turns them on so much. It is for things like this that bdsm cams are at its best because the Dommes can sit and talk to you and tell all about how they would lock your cock up and tease you to the brink of tears and how she will deny you an orgasm or allow you to cum. It is a great fantasy but at the end of it, you can still relive your self. Being able to talk about it is just as good, if not better than, acting it out for real.

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There are dozens of live superior females and mean bitches online who are available right now to chat to you about BDSM so log on and talk to them about everything you like and all that turns you on.


  • Cock and Ball Torture – pain using different household items  – elastic bands, toothpaste, pegs, cotton buds, wooden spoon, chilli sauce, string, laces and many more
  • Tease And Denial – Cam Host teases you and watches you wank but does not let you reach an orgasm
  • Strapon Training – Anal play, ass invasion, butt plugs, ass stretching
  • Sissy Humiliation – Abusing sissies verbally, dressing them and  doing main bdsm on them, sissy assignments, sissie maids, cock sucking sissies, forced feminization
  • Slave Contracts – signing a contract to become Mistresses Property – following the rules
  • Blackmail Fantasy _ You will have to give personal details or team viewer or logins for social media or she will release your information, she may add you to her blogs and websites.
  • Live Fetishes – Smoking, foot fetish, high heels, latex, giantess, long nails, PVC, spit, slapping whatever your fetish may be
  • Cuckold Humiliation – Are you a cuck? Does your wife have sex with other men real men does she make you suck him off to get him hard? does she make you lick hi scum from her pussy? Come in and talk to Mistress about it, or better still become her cuck.
  • Spanking – Caning, over the knee, discipline, using hands, belts, canes, floggers, paddles
  • Nipple Torture – using pegs, clamps twisting them
  • Edgeplay – Made to wank right to the point of orgasm and when you get close to cumming your hand comes off, you can do this for as long as you want This is all about handdomination by kinky sadistic girls
  • Chastity Control – Locking cock up in a cage and becoming the key holder, You the slave can not wank – you may get a chastity contract for this.
  • Financial Domination – Pay pigs give money to Mistress, known as money slaves, human Atm, wallet rape. They must work for their Goddess and pay all of her bills she will financially ruin him
  • We are cruel Mistresses I am mIstress Zena From USA and I am a lifestyle Dominatrix. I am always looking for new weak slaves to add to my stable of losers. I work on webcam and do real live sessions every day from My dungeon. If you are ready to submit to  me or my Mistress friends then enter into our live free chat rooms and begin the journey into online bondage and discipline, tease and denial or Bdsm slave training come now and watch bdsm cams live


Live Bdsm cams with cruel mean females who take pleasure from watching you suffer. This is domination and humiliation 101 where you have no say and must do as you are directed by your superior Mistress in a live cam show.

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